Download Process

Downloading a fully functional 30 day trial version of the Visitor iD application is easy.

  • You will be presented with the Download screen.
  • From here you will have the option to either register as a new user, or sign in as an existing user.
  • Your email address will not be sold, given away or used for any other purpose other than to allow you to sign in to this website. If you give us permission we will use your email address to notify you of product upgrades and new products.
  • Towards the end of the trial period we will send you an email asking whether you would like to continue to purchase the Visitor iD application.
  • Once the trial period expires, you will no longer be able to add new Visits.
  • At any time during or after the 30 day trial, you can sign in to this website and order the full version.
  • Once we have received payment for the full version, you will receive an email letting you know how many licences are available to you. The email also contains instructions on how to activate the application.

Product Registration and Activation

The number of licences you purchase indicate the number of individual computers that the application can run on. Each computer generates a unique Registration Code and requires a unique Activation Code to operate in fully licensed mode.

Each computer generates a Registration Code that is unique to that computer. This Registration Code is used by our registration system to generate an Activation Code for the computer. Without an Activation Code, the application will operate in Trial mode, limited to 30 days of use.

If you have installed the application on a computer that is not connected to the internet, such as a Self Sign In Kiosk, you can visit our Offline-Activation page to retrieve the Activation Code for that computer. Before retreiving the Activation Code, you will need to know your client username/email and password, in order to login to our website, along with the Registration Code that is displayed in the Registration Wizard or About dialog.

Hardware Requirements

Please check the Hardware Requirements page to ensure you have the correct hardware to run the Visitor iD application